Texas Association of Research Parks and Incubators

TFIC has created a statewide Texas Association of Research Parks and Incubators (TARPI). Well-executed research parks (about 10% of existing parks) are self-contained innovation ecosystems, providing a platform for the transformation of an entire regional economy through carefully cultivated spillover effects.

In addition to providing Texas parks a forum to enhance development practices, enable the creation of state policy and incentives, and providing a portal for Texas communities to access expertise, TARPI also is originating significant innovation.  In particular, the group is developing a standard “approach” to guide the visioning, development and funding of a “best practices” park, and the creation of a new funding model (currently undergoing validation with partners) that may cut 70-90% off the capital costs of a new research park for a Texas community.

Unlike a cluster organization, a more general, cross-cutting initiative is necessary to efficiently enable the Innovation Ecosystem. While individual research parks and incubators are often best served by catering to one specific industry, the approach, financing and management structures are often similar, regardless of industry. Creation of such infrastructure is of great utility to a region or state, but the complexity often deters individual communities. The Texas Association of Research Parks and Incubators is intended to provide the common infrastructure and state support logistical necessary to achieve more efficient development of such infrastructure around Texas.

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